Cabarrus County Senior Center Talent Show

Cabarrus County Senior Center

Concord, NC

June 8, 2011


The Hula La’s were in rare form for this annual event at the Cabarrus County Senior Center. We looked, felt and danced good, good, good. Janie, our “Baby La,” provided us with lovely blue outfits to perform Elvis' Blue Hawaii.

At practice on the day before, we were hopeless and could not seem to get it together. Just prior to the show, we knew we needed to go over this fairly new dance one last time. Somehow we were all filled with a mirthful spirit and our happiness came though and we had a fun time while dancing our best.

We do work hard to learn our dances in order to transfer our joy to our audience. We don't have to work at having fun together; it just happens naturally. And we want to transfer that spirit to those kind enough to come and watch us. We look forward to the upcoming events and to sharing more new dances and many more smiles.

See our performance of Blue Hawaii on the Hula La’s YouTube channel:

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Cabarrus County Senior Center Talent Show

Elaine, Madeline, Evelyn, Yolanda, Janie and Lynn